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Do you need help developing an innovative new digital service or experience?
SHWSH works at the convergence of technology and creativity to stimulate innovation. From long-term horizon scanning through to rapid prototyping and product launches, if it is digital then we can help, with a fresh well-informed perspective.

Workshop discussion

Innovation Programmes

Whether you want to spot new opportunities or come up with creative ways to solve your current challenges, we can help. From ideation workshops to end-to-end open innovation programmes, we are experienced at designing, running and maximising the value of R&D, bringing together users, staff, suppliers, and academia. 

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Creative Technology

We've got our finger on the pulse of the changing digital landscape and can help demystify the endless acronyms, to find cost-effective solutions to your creative problems. From experimental immersive experiences to the capture and live streaming of high profile performances, we've delivered projects using AR, VR, spatial sound, social media and Interactive video, working with a network of experts who are pushing the boundaries of Creative Technology. 

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For over 20 years, we've been building business cases for digital transformation, bringing together expertise in audience behaviour, UX design, content and platform to  reach and redefine our relationship with users. Whether your challenge is change management to digitise internal processes, content strategy for your social media or architecting a new digital delivery platform, we will help you move quickly and confidently to a better way of working.

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Complex and high risk projects are what get us out of bed. Innovation is rarely straightforward and usually requires understanding new markets, collaborating with new partners and prototyping with experimental technologies. Yet we've still been able to ensure that end-users get a great experience, again and again, and on high profile brands with some crazy tight deadlines.

Past Projects

AR Y Maes App in action

The majority of our past projects have been in the broadcast, education and arts sectors, from high reach daily services for the likes of BBC News, BBC Education and CBeebies, to more niche experiments using new platforms such as VR, AR and spatial sound, with BBC R&D, S4C, Welsh National Opera and Welsh Rugby Union.

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The 12th Doctor in the Tardis
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Let's meet over a cuppa

We are always happy to have a coffee and a chat about digital innovation, and whether you end up using our service or not, you should learn something unexpected.


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